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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

As well as bringing some fun into my life, M also brings more culture. Not that culture isn't fun. Apart from the fact, come September, that I'm going to become a member of West London Opera, later today we wil be travelling into London to the big screen performance of Rigoletto. She knows the opera well having just performed it, I've never heard it before as I missed both their performances.

I already know that the first opera I'll be part of is Gounods Faust. M is looking forward to it. The ladies of the chorus get to dress up as wenches, and there's nothing she likes more that a good dose of wenching! Apart from our opera excursions, one of my new found, or perhaps re-found pleasures, is M playing the piano and me singing jazz classics and songs from the musicals.

Also, I don't know whether she's a good luck charm or whether my need for money to fund nights away, inluding a short holiday in August, my first for many years, is the motivator, but I can't stop selling at the moment. In the last seven days we have brought in seven contract which equal roughly twice our monthly target for sales and for profit. And there's still a couple of big deals that should come in during this week.

It's a long time since I've felt this happy. But I'm not getting carried away. I'm adopting a "taking each day as it comes" approach.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Kevs youngest son is 3 years old. They play a game with him by asking whether he loves each of them in turn,i.e. "do you love Mummy" etc. His normal response is yes or no depending on who's been shouting at him, teasing him, playing games or giving him sweets. Yesterday there was a slightly different response. It went like this.

Kev - Do you like Mummy?
Liam - Yes!
Kev - Do you like Kelly?
Liam - Yes!
Kev - Do you like Christopher?
Liam - No!
Kev - Do you like Daddy?
Liam - You're a fucking idiot and I hate you!

His vocabulary appears to have been somewhat extensively increased by person or persons unknown. It's very hard to tell a three year old off when you're nearly crying with laughter.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Well I suppose I better cough up the details of my recent liaisons. Those who are awaiting Belle De Jour style revelations are going to be sorely disappointed.

At the time of my last post there were three laydees in my life.

The first was Val, a "friend" from last years Blackpool. We've been having the odd phone call and not really getting anywhere, but the other week she was all very pleased at the idea of us meeting up again this year in Blackpool. And particularly interested in the fact that we've booked into her hotel and I have a double bedroom. I'm taking it that she is interested in comparing the interior design of the double rooms to a single. (Knowing my luck that will probably be it!).

The second was Anita. She's the sister of a friend who was brought along to a night out. Something clicked. By the end of the night we were swearing undying love for each other. We ended up having a meteoric relationship. Despite a 100 mile distance, texting happened regularly and plans were hatched for meeting up and weekends spent together. But the texting became the downfall. A misunderstanding here, a badly phrased message there, and it was all over within three weeks. I know she was in the area this weekend. The offer was there for her to contact me. She didn't. Like a meteor, we crashed and burned.

Lastly, and the biggest surprise of all, is Marj. Marj who is part of the reunion group. Who I thought wasn't interested. It's come as a heck of a shock. After three weeks I'm only just getting my head round the fact that we are an item. She too is having to make adjustments and we're in a period of exploration where we see how we can make the relationship work and what "the rules" will be.

As for photos! Well yes there is one but if you think you're seeing that you're very mistaken, I'm under strict instruction not to let anyone see it, and who am I to go against a ladies wishes, particularly when she's suggested violence if I do!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Well things have been a bit busy!

Especially the love life. From nothing to three in a matter of a couple of weeks. Forget blogging, I'm having difficulty finding time to fit work in!

Update soon. Probably.