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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Well, my brother had returned at some point as I spoke to him this morning. I'm off to see him tomorrow night and I'll have to come on with the big brother routine, not that I'm in any position to lecture someone.

Monday, May 23, 2005

My brother has gone walkabout. Actually, he's probably back otherwise my sister-in-law would have been ringing me. He's 44 tomorrow and going through a mid-life crisis. Aren't we all my dears, aren't we all!

10 Thing You Don't Know About My Brother.

  1. He exists. I very rarely mention him, if ever, so you may not even have known that.

  2. He has a larger than normal tongue. We're not talking lizard, just proportionally larger

  3. If ever you need a program to run in-flight radar tracking on helicopters, he's your man.

  4. I used to call him Graybo until Mr Spencer appeared out of the ether.

  5. His sperm was certified "excellent" by Lord Winston of IVF fame.

  6. Academically, he knocked me into a cocked hat. Several times over.

  7. He sold my electric guitar so he could buy the one he wanted!

  8. He was born in London rather than Yorkshire, but I still allow him to be my brother

  9. He was taught classical guitar by a pupil of Segovia himself. PLease note, this is apparently very impressive.

  10. He's already got himself into trouble this year getting a driving ban.

He's my kid brother and I love him and I hope he isn't going to go tits up.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

This is Kennamatic Calling.............Kennamatic Calling.............

O Frabjous Day, Calloo, Callay! I'm online at the office!

It may only be 56k but it's there and it's working!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I had a drink on Sunday night with a few friends, one of which was Mark, my solicitor. I know his family well and he let drop the fact that his brother is 60 this year. 60!!!!!!! It's impossible. I was at his wedding. O.K. his eldest son is now 27 but he can't be 60!

It's getting to be a very worrying development that everyone I know appears to be old.

O ye of little faith, yes Brian, that's you!

The phone line for the office was put in on time and later today I am hoping to set up my internet connection. The excitement is tangible, almost.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Sometimes life hands you a little sweetener.

Like when your business partner gets on his high horse and decides that you're perhaps not being as professional as you might on a point of technicality and then the next day he can't get his *rse out of bed until quarter to eleven!

I await his arrival with barely concealed glee!

Courtesy of Mike you too can get your Superhero persona!

Name: Captain Guy
Secret Identity: Sorry, that's a secret.
Special Power: Invisible Tentacles
Transportation: Nuclear Jet
Weapon: Quantum Cutlass
Costume: Hardened Gauntlets
Sidekick: Ginger
Nemesis: Ming the Ripper
Tragic Flaw: Clumsiness
Favorite Food: Spaghetti

I'm going through a phase at the moment of being in new, or rekindling old, social circles. I need them at the moment. I've become too insular with my focus being just on work.

Again, this last Saturday was spent with Marje, Ann and Paolo. Marje and I are forming a tight friendship based mainly around the fact that we share a very similar sense of humour. We're getting a bit of a reputation as the "terrible twins". We can't be in each others company for more than five minutes before we start giggling and getting a bit silly ad generally acting the giddy goat. Still, you've got to act a bit mad now and again. Last week we were having a discussion in which the four of us were talking about the concept of f*ck buddies. Marje and I have decided to be hug buddies. As I've taken to explaining to others, this entails the fact that we hug when we want, but it's been made clear that if I try anything more than that she'll break both my arms and legs. And you can't say fairer than that!

They know of my Blackpool escapades, and in fact this is proving to be a bigger proportion of my reputation than it deserves to be. Part of me is not particularly unhappy at the thought, but deep down it isn't giving off the best impression of me, nor a particularly accurate one for the 362 days of the year that I'm not there. I will have to deal with it and I know it will just form one of our more frequent serious conversation moments. For the time being they are still only seeing the "public" face I choose to show people which can be categorised as lively, sarcastic, jokey and a bit too loud. I need to tone it down and let the real me out a bit. Part of me worries that that will upset the balance we find ourselves in but it will form a more honest dynamic between us. Sometimes I just get tired of playing the lovable buffoon, yet it's nobodys fault but my own if that's how I choose to portray myself.

The problem comes from the fact that they now see my confident persona. The one I have learnt to use for much of my life to disguise the insecure real me. To reveal the real me means I have to rely on them still liking me, which exposes my insecurity.

Damn personalities and their flaws.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

My father is going to start a blog! Whatever next. Old people today, what can you do with them.

Just emerging from the election coma.

I did vote in the end. One Party vaguely did enough to just about make it worth while. But anyway, now we can all get back to real life. All I've got to do is remember what real life is all about.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Just been to our lock up to find, surviving on the door surface, a nest of tiny baby spiders. If my macrophotography holds up there'll be pictures of the little critters later.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What a different weekend this turned out to be.

Saturday was work during the day and then on to a Beetle Drive. You don't see many of them these days. In fact, most of us reckoned it was a good 30 years since we last saw one. I won a prize! I came last!! Very Last. Out of about 64 people.

Then we all felt like going on somewhere else. "We" being friends A, M, and P and yours truly. All three are part of the school reunion group. M was the one I thought I might try and get a date bit of how's yer father with. Which I didn't. And won't be. She fancies N. A & P have started a relationship, co-inciding with P walking out on his wife, which to be fair has been building up for a time. Our reunions are better than Corrie I tell you. We went to a cafe called Giraffe. Kitchen had just closed but the menu looked interesting enough to venture back at another time. Mainly what might be classed as World cuisine.

Sunday was mainly sleeping.

Monday I became a film star. Almost. I was an extra in a Bollywood film sat in a position that means I probably will get cut out. But we met (M and me) a real professional extra. He's just played a pervert in a sex shop in Basic Instinct 2. The rest of the day was spent lounging about with M, then A and finally P, interrupted only by 20 minutes of a sing-song round the piano with us giving full voice to some of the jazz standards.

Very different. And I was worse than bloody useless today trying to get my work head back on again.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

And todays good news. The telephone lines at the office are due to be installed on Tuesday 9th. My blogging brain is already getting over excited.

Our bankers, (interchange with rhyming slang as you see fit), are not playing ball. We need some expansion capital, they don't particularly want to play. Might have a bit of a trawl round the other high street banks bewfore hitting what our business adviser called "the 3 Fs, friends, family and fools". We actually need very litle in the grand scheme of things but it would increase turnover at such a speed that we would be only in a negative position for 6 months. I've informed our minion at the bank that the speed at which we will grow over the next few months, even without their help, will only be exceeded by the speed at which we remove our bank accounts from their cluthches.