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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Out with a group of friends on Saturday night at a social do at a local church we wrote out our drink order. They were brought to the table and one of us was amused to see he had been given a lager shandy. Why was this when he ordered a lemonade?

They brought the order back to us and explained he had written "a lager lemonade". No, I think you'll find that reads "A large lemonade"! which the girl who brought the drinks pronounced lager lemonade.

(Cue to rant on about standard of education today etc.....).

On inspecting my chest hair the other day, I discovered three grey hairs! As far as I'm concerned, grey hair on head, distinguished - grey hair on chest, old!

You'll be pleased to know, so that you don't have to read about it, that I chose not to check any further south. I don't think I would survive such a negative discovery at the moment.

Forget the first cuckoo of spring. Over the weekend the first hosepipe ban of the year was announced for Sutton in Surrey.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Last Saturday I went ten pin bowling. I used to enjoy it enormously and for a two year period, played every week. I became reasonably good, bowling off an average of 158 per game. One of the mates I was playing with asked how good I was. I mentioned that statistic, but pointed out, that was 25 years ago, my circumference was some 10 inches less than now, and I could bend my knees into a graceful glide to the release line. I was pleased to find that whilst I wasn't bowling as well as that, I could still bowl pretty well. The group I went with are talking of doing it again so I'll be looking forward to it.

Last weekend was "The Blackpool Equinox" where we move nearer to this years Blackpool than last years Blackpool. My favourite weekend, other than the one we spend there.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm thinking of starting a photosite for the purpose of posting photos of Police parked either @illegally, i.e. where we, mere members of the public, aren't allowed to as well as photos showing the "highly visible vans" that they use hidden in out of the way places. Any good ideas for the name of the site, i'm suffering a dearth of inspiration.

If my life was a film, todays episode would be entitled, "An ATM Ate My Bank Card". Trip to the bank branch concerned in the morning to recover it.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I've written a few posts over the last couple of days to post here. Unfortunately, they are residing on a disk in my laptop which is approx 2 miles westward of here. Cant' help feeling that my organisation skills are sadly lacking at the moment.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Two extra points to earlier posts.

I'd now willingly pay 87.9p per litre, everywhere round here is up to 89.9p. The odd place has even moved to 90.9p. Bloody diabolical!

I've found a circumstance under which I might be willing to accept that Labour aren't the worst choice for a government. A poll this week decided that if a commercial company were to run the UK, the favourite would be Tesco! Not for me they wouldn't.

So, what of the election. Each time one comes round I find myself less inclined to vote than before but I still hold the conviction that voting is a must. Perhaps over the next 4 weeks something exciting will happen which will point the way forward and make placing my cross a foregone conclusion.

Spoiling my paper is the favourite choice of the moment. I thought about it last time but chickened out at the last minute. This time though, maybe. I still see a spoilt paper as a positive action until they provide the box for "I do not wish to vote for any of these losers candidates".

On Tuesday I refused point blank to pay 87.9 per litre for fuel.................
so I ran out.................
but I could see a garage a bit further down the road.................
so I tried to restart the car....................
but it wasn't having any of it....................
so I put the spare petrol in from the can in the back.................
and the car still wouldn't fire up.................
so the battery went flat.................
so I called the RAC out.................
which means losing the £25 no claims bonus.................
and I had to walk to that garage to get a bit more fuel to make sure it started...............
and it cost £87.9p per litre.....................

So, the Queen's about to dissolve Parliament. If only!

I wonder what acid she'd use? Myself, I'd settle for good old hydrochloric.

10 days and still no sign of the internet. I can't take it much more. Surely there must be signs of online life soon.

But, wait, what is this. Yes, it's a keyboard and, my god, it works. Back in civilisation at last.