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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Yesterday was spent in Birmingham. I did mean to be there it wasn't some sort of punishment. We went to see a supplier and that all passed off particularly well but as we came in from the west (via Hagley Road for those in the know) it allowed me to keep diverting off and looking at where I used to live, Quinton and nearer town, near Gillott Road, (and for those for whom these parenthasesed comments apply, we all know what colour lights that area has/had!). Kev had to suffer all the interminably boring comments of someone trapped in a car on such occasions and try to look interested whilst I pointed out various bus-stops where I caught buses, trees I walked into, etc.

In the centre things had changed less than I thought they would have. Whilst Linda wouldn't go back to live under any circumstances I wouldn't mind, but the bloody traffic is 1000 times worse than it used to be.

Talk about making life difficult! I've not said anything about the debt situation for a while because I didn't want to jinx things but last Friday the new mortgage kicked in and all the lovely loot was received by my solicitor as per normal. He then had to pay off my secured creditors which we believed included Royal Bank of Scotland as there is an entry on the Land Charge Register. He has been in touch with them and they don't sem to think I owe them any money. The debt that charge was meant to cover appears to have been written off. This is of course wonderful news if it should be true but the problem I have is that he can't deal with the other paymnents till thats resolved and if it isn't resolved in the next 24 hours he has to return the mortgage money and the whole thing collapses. No-one is thinking in terms of the consequences of such a thing happening.

I have made it very clear that if I lose my home because I can't get a mortgage and because I owe people vast amounts of money, then fair enough, but I'm damned if I'm going to let it all go tits up because I don't owe someone something!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hmmmm, for some reason all my navigation buttons have disappeared. Also my Freeserve e-mail account is bouncing e-mails faster than my bank bounces my cheques. It can't be because I haven't paid them because it's a free service. Ho hum. I better schedule some time to re-jig the site but it won't be tonight.

And whilst I'm here, does anyone know what is happening in London over the last few nights that means there are beams of light being swung about in Central London. We're getting a light show off the cloud bank which is quite pleasant though perhaps a little spooky just in case it isn't Earth produced but a UFO.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

My next door neighbours have turned into the customers from hell. We went back to put in a new door to replace the one we installed the other week. What should have been a two hour job took over 4 hours as they watched every move, questioned every event and at one point decided there was condensation between the panes of glass. It was only when we showed them the fact it was glass cleaner that we had just sprayed on to finish off did they calm down.

One of the soles on my shoes has decided to make a break for freedom. Not to be beaten by such an event I managed to repair it but not before we had a bit of fun with it.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Yesterday saw us make a trip up to Worcester. Calling in, as we have a wont to do, to the nearest Wetherspoons they were selling Banks Mild, my drink of choice during my 3 year sojurn in Birmingham, for just £1.10 a pint. £ 1 . 1 0 !!!!!!

I'm sure I was paying more than that in 1980.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

After all the stress of this week, last night I did something that put a smile on my face, a spring in my step, and was so thoroughly enjoyable I shall be doing it again as soon as possible.

I went to a Sing-a-Long-a-Sound of Music.

It was great. I'd wanted to dress up but I ran out of time, I was going to be an edelweiss. I sang my heart out, and the crowd I was with couldn't believe that we all knew the words without referring to the songsheets provided. We had picture cards to hold up during "How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria", pieces of curtains to wave when Maria's asking for cloth to make the childrens clothes, some edelweiss to wave during the relevant song and party poppers to let off when the Captain and Maria finally kiss.

Whether you think it was kitch, camp or crass I don't care, I couldn't have enjoyed myself more.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Thank God, we've got over the wave.

We were in our normal position of having an eviction notice against us enforceable today. I managed to get an appeal hearing for this morning. Although everyone said it would be o.k. I wasn't too sure. We were actually due in court at ten o clock and the bailiffs were still booked if we lost the appeal.

We have another 28 days to complete the new mortgage which should be no problem (he says) based on the fact we should agree the completion date early next week and it should take just 8 days to process. Then, after my insolvency practitioner does his bit I will be debt free. I'll also be feeling a great deal older and somewhat haggard.

I actually feel we are on the home straight now but I've been in sales too long to know that nothing is true until the inks on the paper.

When I got up this morning I honestly believed that tonight we would have to sleep in a strange bed. It's not a feeling I ever want again. I have, to use a well known phrase, got to act my age, not my shoe size. This is the third time I have got into debt and I can't afford ever to let it happen again, emotionaly, financialy or mentaly, I don't think I could make it through another bout of this.

There has to be some hard selftalking and some pretty hard talking between Linda and me. She has to do something about the OCD. I cannot continue to be in an environment which is putting me under continual pressure in the way I live in the place I am meant to relax.

What will happen, how it will get sorted, whether my good intentions made in the relief of surviving the eviction will be any better than those made on 1st January will remain to be seen.

One thing I can guarantee, you'll read about it here first.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Life presently is horribly in a rut. Obviously apart from Blackpool weekend. The financial problems carry on and come in waves. A wave has not only approached but we are running vertically up the front. Whether we flip over and drown or crest the wave the next few days will tell.

What's also telling is my health. The stress of all this is getting a bit too much.

How I'd like to make a post full of joy and merriment but there doesn't seem to be any available at the moment.

And this is probably rather a self-indulgent post but I'm severely pissed-off at the moment.

Oh well, it'll all come out in the wash as my Grandma used to say.