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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Now this is what I call a good sports story.

Drummond had only won £30k so far in his professional career and was ranked 435th in the world.

How his life has changed recently, a one month old baby, turned 30 yesterday, and now winning £419,000.00

I reckon he must think all his birthdays have come at once.

Good for him.

This weekend seems to be a case of rushing hither and thither. Perhaps leaning more towards thither.

Adam rang me yesterday to say he wanted to go get the computer he's been talking about getting and so Saturday evening was spent with me trying to put it together, eating sweet and sour pork, drinking champagne and trying to get him to learn something whilst he chatted to his sister.

An interesting mix of an evening.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Is it just that myself and most of my friends are a bunch of duplicitous, lying bastards or is it all men these days.

Sometimes I will go up and see my Mum, but as far as Linda is concerned I'm working. My Mum knows this and has asked me before why I lie. The answer is simple. Because if I don't I get such grief over it. If it was not so, I would not decide to lie for an easier life.

O.K. Many of you know that my relationship isn't the most normal and that Linda is very controlling, so I could expect I might be like that but not others. But this is not the case. Virtually all my friends lie instictively to their other halves about what they might be up to, regardless pretty much of how innocent it might be.

Is our need to retain some secrecy part of the backlash against womens lib? As women supposedly move into a more dominant role in society do we use subterfuge in order to balance that dominance?

Why are we given such a hard time. Is it that both sexes are struggling with what equality really is. Is it in fact just a power struggle and not a serch for a utopian ideal?

Those old enough may remember in The Two Ronnies that they would have an ongoing serial, one of which, I think, was "The Worm that Turned". It was a comedy about life in a Britain which was now a matriarchal society and men had become domesticated, the total opposite of the mid-20th century. Is that the way we are heading? As men struggle with the concept still of New Man and how to inter-relate, will women be able to become dominant during a prolonged period of male confusion.

But back to my starting point. Is it just us in my social circle or do the rest of you males out there do the same and cover your tracks with the odd white lie? And for my female readers, are you lot doing the same, or do you feel you have enough control not to feel the need to?

Male readers whose wives also blog are spared from answering on the grounds of possible incrimination, or of course, you could just lie.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Went to look at a possible office this morning. I think, if we know we have a reasonable amount of work on the books, we'll take it. It's pretty basic but it will do for us to start. The super air-conditioned glass fronted European Headquarters will have to wait for a bit longer.

There's room for a couple of desks, plenty of storage, even an area we can keep some samples, a small kitchen area, and it has enough room for a fridge to keep plenty of diet coke and beer in. (For the clients of course, ahem).

If I can work out where the bed might go I could be moving in shortly.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Having thought I had already tackled the impossible task of teaching Kev how to use a computer, I now realise this was just a warm up for teaching our main installer Adam how to use one.

Hopefully there will be a not too hard brick wall for banging my head against in the vicinity.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I came across a little known local bylaw in Chichester yesterday. Apparently it must be illegal to carry out any form of photocopying within the city walls, probably on the grounds of it being the devils work.
I trawled the city centre, eschewing both the pubs and the Cornish Pastie Shop!

It would have probably been alright if I could have found a newsagent but apparently they don't have those either, although that's understandable, anyone who wants to know anything about anything in Chichester just has to visit Graybo.

Perhaps I should have headed for the Priory wher no doubt, in a traditional manner, sdcribes could have reproduced the documents with illuminated letters and high gothic calligraphy.

But in the end, I still think a photocopier would be more use.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Went for a drink with a mate yesterday who was having a week nearly as eventful as mine. We managed to get a parking ticket.

AT 9:38 PM!!!!!!!!

Businesses in Ealing wonder why the numbers are dropping. Well, that might be one reason! I can put it on show with the last one I got fromm there, one Easter Sunday, and no, the shops weren't open.

Even the Labour MP for Ealing thinks our Labour Council are losing the plot.

...........and it's Graybo from Kennamatic as they approach the final furlong, Graybo riding Sell The House, from Kennamatic on Planning Permission......... and they're neck and neck.......... and as they come up to the line.....it's Kennamatic, with Planning Permission out of Red Tape and Playing the Game from Graybo on Sell the House out of Expecting an Offer and Whyisnoonebuying.

And so ends this years Chichester Stakes.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

For the last few weeks I've been ploughing my way through my local libraries collections of books by Quintin Jardine. I like crime books but there is something about his that I seem to really latch on to. It's the same thing I have with the writing of Leslie Thomas.

I dare say most people wil just find him a run of the mill crimewriter but, if he isn't someone you've come across, and you like crime novels, then he's definitely worth a look. His books do read best chronologically as he always has running storylines, but I've read them out of order and it's no great problem. It won't affect the understanding of any plot line, just on understanding some of the references.

With a very fast trip to court this morning that is everything taken care of for some time. Next appearance is 17th June for the IVA presentation. Others are looking after that so I don't need to do much preparation for it.

Hopefully I can now spend a bit more time thinking of other things and posting about something different, maybe even something interesting if you are really lucky!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

We're safe!

Today the court have accepted my proposals as the reason for suspending the eviction.

It was very touch and go due to the attitude of the "agent" that Barclays Bank sent to represent them. His attitude to me and to Linda in her absence was offensive and obviously comes from the personality of an individual who takes his self esteem from trying to victimise those in a less fortunate position than himself. I have spent a lot of time in court over the last few years, more than I could have done with, but I have always been able to discuss things with other companys, or their representatives, in a businesslike way trying to come to an understanding that is beneficial to both parties. His attitude was just obstructive and self-important. I assume as an agent he is basically someone who doesn't have the intelligence to pass a law degree to get to be a solicitor. Having met him I suspect he still needs to work quite hard at reaching the level of a human being. He tried antagonising me and being patronising and condescending but he didn't intimidate me. My time in courts means I rarely get tense now, they're just like an extension to my workplace. He did make me angry, in the way that calm people often react, which is very controlled but likely, if they give way to it, to be somewhat spectacular. In the end I had to walk away from him before I decked him. I got all through my school years without ever being in a fight, but I swear to God if I had lost in court today I would have been back in on an assault charge not long after.

But that didn't happen. The judge recognised I was doing the best thing possible in my circumstances and has suspended the eviction until after the hearing on June 17th at which my IVA will be presented. Luckily, my arrears to The Inland Revenue are over 50% of my liabilities and therefore, even if Barclays decide to oppose the IVA they won't win.

Now I'd better get on and earn some money and get myself out of this mess. Thankyou all for your comments, both on site and by e-mail, I appreciate them greatly and I promise when I have the big party if I can track him down I'll invite the bloke from this morning and we'll get a very large nail and play "Pin the tail on the arsehole"!

Sunday, May 16, 2004

The coming week will see me appear in more courts across London. This is turning into a tour that a rock band would find extensive!

Monday it's Brentford trying to sort out a postponement to our eviction from our flat this coming Thursday, it's to be hoped that they do accept a postponement until my IVA hearing in June as on Thursday morning I'm meant to be in Acton Court.

I'd probably start to panic if I had enough time to. Still, it's all good education.

On a brighter note, assuming I haven't been carted away, I've got a quiz to go to on Tuesday night and another school renunion meet up next Saturday.

I suppose in between that lot I ought to try and sell some stuff.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

There was recently a programme on the radio about Tommy Cooper, comedic magician extroadinaire. They asked what peoples favourite Cooper joke was. Mine was partly visual but the biggest downside is that there will be less and less people who can get the reference. Here it is.

A phone rings on a stand next to Tommy, he picks it up and speaks into the receiver.

Yes?.........Yes?.........I see...........O.K..........Thanks.

He turns to camera and says

It's Bill Bailey, he's not coming home!

For you youngsters who don't know, it refers to this.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Convict Kennamatic here.

I'm speaking to you today from the loneliness of my prison cell......

Well, not exactly, but in theory I am.

I was due in court this morning to just sort out a couple of fines I owed the court and my present financial situation rather precludes me doing that. In order to help out I moved from the fines court to the Magistrates Court next door and went up before the beak, or beakess on this occasion. We did a bit of background stuff and then with the help of the Clerk of the Court it was decided that they would wipe out the debt, some four hundred pounds, in exchange for a day in jug.

It seemed like a good deal, so as they explained, as it was now 10'o'clock, if I could hang around until about lunchtime they'd take that in lieu. So I went back to the waiting area and the court usher said that as the coffee machine wasn't working I'd could nip down to McDonalds and get something to drink.

It gave me the chance to ring Kev just to say I wouldn't be over this morning and he wants to apply for detention immediately for at least a week so we don't have to work and can eat in McDonalds. I might apply for a transfer to HMP Wetherspoons so I can have a beer though.

So there we are. Another eventful day in what's laughingly described as my life.

Once I'm back home though I must remember to pick up some of the Get Out Of Jail Free cards from the old Monopoly set.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Wahoo! Wahee! Wahey!

This years Blackpool weekend is booked. Friday 15th October onwards.

Any females from South Yorkshire who fancy meeting up with an ageing, grey haired, overweight, slightly drunken company director can apply through the comments.

Other geographical areas considered!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

What ho!

Not too much has been happening really. Only boring day to day stuff so I shan't bore you with that. Karen, Kevs sister who also looks after our office is getting married today so congrats to her. Lack of space means I'm not there, that's lack of space due to number of seats rather than my girth, I'll have you know! Also, it's probably as well as Kevs wife will be there and we aren't seeing eye to eye at the moment.

She always takes a dislike to whoever Kev works with, I've probably mentioned it before, but at the moment she has banned me from their house. I could choose to be upset by it but of course, with my natural inclination to take nothing seriously is finding it funny. She is very insecure in herself obviously but refuses to seek help despite her familys help in obtaining it. She keeps control of her life by believing herself to be absolutely in the right about everything. This obviously didn't help when Kevs breakdown occurred nor does it help their marital problems.

Back to the ban though. For some reason she obviously feels that if I don't step onto the property then I won't a) corrupt the children, b) Kev will probably stop being my friend and business partner and c) he will immediately become a doting husband doing exactly what she wants. Not a lot of hope on any of those, well, obviously I'm not corrupting the kids anyway, but certainly on the other two!

Whilst Kev can't drive we are normally out in my car but occasionally we have to use his, That will probably happen this week so I'm looking forward to her having to leave the house and drive it onto the roadway because I shall refuse to walk on the drive to get it. Petty? Yes, of course it is, but if I don't find ways to annoy her by showing her the stupidity of what she is doing then she feels she wins the situation.

Relationships, why do they always have to be so bloody complicated! No wonder the internet grows in popularity, you lot all seem terribly well balanced. Well, at least in relation to me!!!!