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Sunday, April 25, 2004

We changed our mind about two days at the exhibition, we're just doing tomorrow. Clever me decided to go caching which involved a 5.25 mile walk and tomorrow I've got 8 hours traipsing round the NEC. Very clever, I must say!

However, part of my stroll took me past London Zoo. I have pretty firm ideas on most things such as being totally against the use of fur for fashion, but I can't decide about zoos, even after all these years.

In principle I am against them. I cannot see any reason to remove an animal from it's native location to shut it up even in the largest enclosure that a zoo can manage. On the other hand, London Zoo has carried out a lot of research and breeding programmes which have helped endangered species. Now, I could decide that that's all very well, but should you then make a spectacle of them, but I'm torn by the argument that if they are going to be there anyway, why not use them so that people can actually see them in the flesh.

Looking over one of the walls, I could see a camel. It was looking somewhat motheaten, although it may just be shedding it's winter coat. I'm sure it can't be totally fulfilled living in an enclosure, but, if it was still in the real world, there is every chance it would be working until it drops and being beaten for being indolent.

Perhaps I just have to decide which is the lesser of two evils.

P.S. Don't forget to sign up for my party, just another 68 months to go. Things are progressing, I've ended the day £2.20 up on where I started. Achievement is just a formality with skills like that!

Saturday, April 24, 2004

For the next couple of days I'm going to be up at Interbuild. I can't even begin to tell you the excitement that mounts at the prospect.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Well, today was the big day, and my insolvency guys did what they said they would. The inland revenue have agreed to an adjournment of 8 weeks. By then my re-mortgage will be well on it's way and the panic will be over.

Well, that particular panic anyway.

Now, on to the special offer, and oh what a cynical lot you are. Here's the deal and it's not going to cost you a penny, indeed, it's win, win, win, all the way for you lucky people.

I've decided that having experienced life with very little money it isn't as much fun as I'd have hoped. I suspect that the saying that money can't but you happiness may have been put round by all the people with money who didn't want me to find out it can. Therefore I have decided on the following course of action!

Starting from today, when technically I should have been stony broke, I have decided that by New Years Eve, 31st December 2009, I will amass a fortune of £1,000,000! "How does that help me" I hear you cry, well here we go. You lot have stuck round whilst I've been stuck in the nether regions of the financial body, so when I hit it big, I shan't forget you. On the aforementioned New Years Eve, if I succeed in achieving my aim, I shall throw a big party and all of you are invited. I'll pay for the travel, accomodation, the party, and you won't even have to bring a bottle! All you need to do is accept the invitation now by leaving a note in the comments here that you will attend if you are able. That's it. Oh, and if you do accept, don't forget to mark it in your diary!

Well, what are you waiting for!

As a kid, we dreamed of the day when we would all wear silver space suits, travel in our hover cars, and eat a tablet which replaced a full meal. It was going to happen, it was on Tomorrows World!

Well, other than a few dodgy boy bands, we've been spared the silver jumpsuits, the nearest my car gets to hovering is if I hit a speed bump too fast and no, I've yet to replace a meal with a tablet. But the last one is nearly getting possible.

The other night I suddenl;y realised I was eating a pack of Roast Lamb and Mint crisps. All I had to do was get some plain potato crisps and a pack of vegetable chips and I had a full roast dinner!

Of course, it's not quite as good as my mother used to make.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Well, you'll be pleased to know I haven't been thrown into debtors prison yet! Or maybe you won't be?

Yesterday saw me hightail it up to Euston to go see my insolvency practitioners. We did some number crunching, question answering, and faxing of documents between London and Sheffield. After half an hour I was told to go forth and be of good cheer, pending talks between themselves and the taxman. Today I had a call from them to say the IR had agreed to an 8 week adjournment.


What will now happen is that a bridging loan will be set up to pay off all my debts and then very swiftly afterwards a re-mortgage will happen to raise the money to pay off the bridging loan. There may even be enough money left over to buy a pint of beer!

Todays interesting fact. The average cost to the poor sod going through it of a bankruptcy including all the fees for the Official Receiver, trustees and courts etcetra, etcetra is £30-35000!!!! Paying more in charges than I presently owe would really have been adding insult to injury!

Anyway, visit again soon for news of an exciting offer!

Friday, April 16, 2004

This afternoon my insolvency practioner rang me to say he might be able to get a last minute stay of execution on the bankruptcy hearing. There will then be a short and very time sensitive bit of financial jiggery-pokery, which, if it works out right, will see the debts disappear, the mortgage increased, and a new start. This weekend looks like it could be form filling-in time to aid them for a meeting on Monday.

I'll be pleased if it the bankruptcy doesn't happen, yet part of me will be disappointed as I'm sort of looking forward to it in a perverse way.

Anyway, we shall see what we will see.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Damn, shouldn't have mentioned spam fritters, now I'm hungry...

One of my e-mail addresses appears to have turned up on a spamming website. Not sure why, other than it looks like a company mail address and I use it to send out my school reunion newsletter to around 40 people.

It might have happened I guess when I had a virus and could have sent out a mass mailing by default.

Anyway, the only spam I have ever been in favour of was my mums spam fritters which I used to have for tea.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Any suggestions for what I can call my new upcoming 'blog which will focus on the bankruptcy?

Does anyone else see the irony in the Benefits Office staff being on strike because of their poverty line income thus delaying payments to those people who have no job?

Monday, April 12, 2004

Kev took the kids for a walk along the River yesterday. He had his daughter Jess, who's 6, his niece Ellie who's the same age, and Liam his son, who's 3.

They get to a landing stage and Jess and Ellie decide this is the place to feed the ducks. He gives them both a slice of bread and bent down to sort out a drink for Liam. When he turns back, about 30 seconds later, Ellie is still feeding the ducks but there's no sign of Jess. Or at least not until he sees her head pop out of the water! He charged down to the waterside by which time, thanks to a few swimming lessons she had last year, she had managed to get herself to the side.

He expected her to be panicking but in fact she thought it was quite funny and was rather proud that she managed to swim to the edge. It was lucky she could as the currents there are quite strong as there is a basin with a weir at the other side. When questioned it turned out she had been trying to talk to a duck whilst she was feeding it and lost her balance and fell in.

Kids eh!

Sunday, April 11, 2004

There have been serious discussions at D3sk B Headquarters yesterday, with more to follow tomorrow. The situation is that I cannot bring in the amount of work required just by myself when I then have to administer the entire contract as well. Kev has got to decide whether to come back to work full time to take some of the workload off. And as I can't bring in enough business I might have to get a part time job just to put food on the table. There is one other reason as well.

Those who have been hanging around here with nothing better to do these last couple of years may remember that I have occasional spats with Her Majestys Inspector of Taxes. Well, we spat no more. Instead they have petitioned for my bankruptcy.

All starts to move on 22nd April when I have a personal invitation to attend the Royal Courts of Justice for a hearing. I'm pleased to see that standards are still held where at least you go to a proper court, but was rather disappointed to discover that the petition is just on plain A4 paper when I would have expected it to have been scribed onto parchment by monks with illuminated letter experience, delivered by a bewigged gentleman in a hansom cab and presented with a small ceremony at which much bowing and flowery language would be in evidence.

Am I worried? Not particularly. I'm not the first to go tits up and I sure won't be the last. It will make little difference to mine and Lindas lifestyle and won't really affect the company either. And just for once there is an advantage for Linda and I to be unmarried. The flat cannot be sold to pay my debts for at least a year as Linda cannot be turfed out.

The hardest thing about it so far has been that I told my mum about it today. No matter how old I get I am always her little boy and I worry that she will worry, what mother doesn't, and even worse that I might be a disappointment to her. Still, such things musn't be dwelt on as I must forge forward, oh, and on that note, whilst I'll still be working closely with the company in Gloucester I won't be working at that location.

I shall start up a seperate blog. which will be launched shortly. in which I will chronicle the life of an upcoming and then an arrived bankrupt. Perhaps I should call it Bankrupt De Jour in the hope I get voted weblog of the year and get a book deal to pay off all my debts. Of course, all other uninteresting drivel will continue here.

Interesting times ahead.

[Kennamatic strolls off into the distance singing Buddy, can you spare a dime.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I was going to write about more incompetence by a supermarket cashier yesterday, but then, why do I need to tell you my stories when you probably all suffer the same thing where you shop as well. It's a pity there isn't a sort of poll or voting slip that you can fill out as you leave rating the cashiers out of 10. We've had a few over the years that would definitely be getting top marks, but we've also had some for whom zero would be an over-exageration of their skills. We have a few places now where they have self-service tills and apart from the excitement of using them, [boys with toys], it does mean most of the time I don't have to queue because most people avoid them.

The self service tills are a good idea for the supermarket though. They have all the goods marked up with their staff overheads on and then you do the work. Now, all I have to do is get people to sell themselves their own windows....

It's rare for me to take time off over Easter as it's often quite busy in our industry, and I dare say I'll do a bit of work, but I think I'll pretty much have four days of doing other stuff. I'm off to Gloucester tomorrow the results of which might see me working there for four days each fortnight. First thing I'll be looking for is an internet cafe. Actually the first thing I'll be looking for is a B and B to crash in each night but more on this later as developments arise.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Graybo, who has kindly named me his Fenestrologist, a term which I am taking on board immediately, has started something. Not 24 hours later was I asked to source some windows for a boat down on the Thames and thus I have now become a Maritime Fenestrologist.

At last, I've finally got a decent job title!

Actually my boating buddie decided that I should be a Fenastrologist and divine peoples futures by the windows that they have in their house. I see a whole new "New Age" business starting up where Feng Shui meets the heady world of replacement windows.

My first million is as good as banked!

I'm turning into an installer. The guy who rehangs the tiles outside the houses where we have been changing the columns and canopies has been tiling a bathroom for someone. He needed some help yesterday so agreed that if Kev and I helped him then he would do the next lot of tiling for us for free. I was in charge of the tile cutting machine!

I only cut my finger once, and it's still attached! That machine was damn good fun though!